Russian phonetics:

Tips on getting trilled R from a youtube video 



Russian grammar

Russian grammar online

Russian grammar exerises online

Advanced Russian on line tests 

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Gender of nouns

Gender of nouns (basic explanation)

Gender of nouns ( on-line exercise)

Plural form of nouns

Nouns in plural (theory)

Nouns in plural form of Nominative (exercise)

Irregular plurals of noun (exercises)

Cases of nouns

Brief info about Russian cases

Genitive case brief introduction

Genitive case exercise

About Dative case

Dative case exercises

Dative case exercise

Accusative case exercise

About Insrumental case

Instrumental case exercise

Prepositional case exercise

Tricks to memorize Russian cases

Sentences to keep all the endings in head



 Personal pronouns



Verbs overview



General info about perfective verbs in Russian

Explanation with exercises

Nice resource with exercises

Russian verb conjugation

Verbs presented in tables

More than 130 verbs in their conjugations (downloadable)


Participle formation (explanation)

Tense of verbs

Past tense formation 

Reflexive verbs

About reflexive verbs




Russian adjectives overview

Comparative degree of adjectives





about "но" and "а"




On differentiation of prepositions НА and В (direction and place)



Pronunciation of numerals (youtube video)  


Russian vocabulary


Russian pictorial dictionary 

Russian vocabulary, elementary level (1)

Business Russian (UCLA)

Russian slang

Russian idioms 

Russian proverbs

Поиск слов по параметрам


Russian writing

Russian cursive writing (Youtube video) 

Writing (youtube)

Writing2 (youtube)

Russian spelling rules 

Russian spelling rules2



Listening, speaking and reading

Slow speed Russian news (with vocabulary translation)

A few basic phrases with English translation (Youtube video)


"Haircut" (with audio and english translation)

"At the restaurant 1" (audio file, english translation)

"At the restaurant 2" (audio file)

"At the restaurant 3" (audio file) 

"At the restaurant" (a number of dialogues of this topic in Youtube without translation)

Vocabulary used in a cafe (with pronunciation)

"Buying shoes"

"Visiting a doctor" (with audio)  

"Asking directions" (with audio)

At a hotel (dialogue with audio, slow and faster)

Russian short texts (elementary level with audio and translation)

On Russian speech etiquette

Funny Russian reading  (Lipson)

About mistakes in speech



Russian literature

Russian literature on line, "Литерра" project (download)

About Russian fairy tales

Russian fairy tales in English

Russian fairy tales on-line

Russian anecdotes

Public library

Война и мир 




Russian dictionaries

Free dictionary for I-phone

On-line dictionary (Rus-Eng, Eng-Rus)

Ozhegov explanatory dictionary

Efremova explanatory dictionary

About word stress in Russian


Basic phrases


Russian basic phrases


 The Prepositional Case

This is a video explaining the prepositional case in Russian, probably, the easiest case to learn. Check it out. 



The Accusative Case

A video below has good explanation of the basics of the case by another Russian teacher. This is a very useful case to express the things and people you love.))) 



Russian alphabet video presentation 


Ль, л, р

All sounds of Russian to practise

Some reading rules and exceptions (Youtube vdeo)

Rythmic structure of Russian words (таТата...)

Reduction of Russian vowels


Russian tests

Trial tests